Derma Stamp System


Micro-Needle Therapy System Derma Stamp

Pin Size : 0.25mm

Pin Quantity : 140pins

Pin Material : Stainless Steel


Feature :

With 140pcs micro needles, can effectively repair wrinkles and crow’s-feet,

Cellulite,Scar Tissue,Acne Scars,Freckles,Enlarged pores,Fine lines


Improve elasticity of skin.

Reduce pore size and firming.

Smoothen acne scars.

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circle.


-Do not share the instrument with others, the roller is for personal use only

-For hygiene reasons, please refrain from reusing after one use.

-Only apply the treatment with mild pressure

-Do not apply the treatment for duration longer than suggest

-If the skin reacts with rash or irritations, pls consult your local doctor immediately

-Do not apply this roller on open wounds or infected skins

-Ensure that the roller is out of reach from children


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