Microneedle Therapy System Derma Roller Mi-Roll 0.25mm


Biocompatible microneedle derma roller, Anti-Hair Removal, Anti-Puffiness, skin rejuvenation

Worlds first plastic microneedle roller.

Made of international patented (Registered No: 10-0753872) Polymer developed by KAIST.

Approved by ISO 13485, CE, KGMP, FDA

Mi-Roll patented (Registered No: 10-0753872) PVC materials do not cause skin irritation and side effect.

• 0.25mm (340 needles) : Home Care Use
– Improves wrinkles, collagen induction, hyper-pigmentation, active ingredient delivery, increased absorption.

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About Mi-Roll
Transitional metal made Micro Needle Roller most cause many side-effects such as skin irritation.

It is made of nontoxic polymer which is 100% guaranteed to not cause any side effect like skin irritation. Comparatively with other same grade products, it is far more economical.
Skin Rejuvenation
Generally, topical medications cannot efficiently penetrated into inner skin through passage between skin cells. However, the roller equipped with specially manufactured micro needles enables the fine passage on the epidermis and it will help in the efficient absorption of topical medications . It is truly a new concept in the drug delivery system. Efficiency of operation is distinguished since it delivers topical medications into inner skin through the minute passage made by needling during operation.


How to use

– It is effective to use it in the evening before going to bed.
– Needling time should not exceed 10-20 seconds for each area and 5 minutes for the entire face.

1. Deep clean so that no foreign substances such as makeup residues remain on the skin.
2. Roll the roller horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to needling in the order of forehead, cheeks, nose, and neck.
3. Apply an appropriate amount of MTS exclusive cosmetics to the entire face.


Precautions for use

1. The roller is for single use only. Do not use more than two people with one roller.
2. The total needling time should not exceed 5 minutes.
3. It is recommended to use once a week.
4. Do not needling with excessive pressure.
6. Open before use, and be careful not to touch other objects during use. (risk of infection)
7. Be careful when using the area around the lips and around the eyes (especially the eyelids) as they are thinner than other areas.
8. Do not use on children or animals.
9. Do not use the product beyond the product expiration date.
10. If any adverse reactions such as skin rash, inflammation, or allergy occur during use, discontinue use and seek medical attention.
11. Store at room temperature with good ventilation.
12. Keep out of reach of children.
13. Check the product packaging for unopened, damaged, and expiry before use.


Treatment is prohibited in the following cases:

– If you have an infectious disease on your skin
– If severe acne is in progress
– If you have a bleeding disorder
– In case of serious disease other than uncontrolled diabetes complications
– In case of keloid constitution
– Metal allergy, high blood pressure


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