Auto DN MTS (Wired) & Needle cartridge


Auto DN MTS (Wired) & Needle cartridge

Components – Main body + Needle cartridge

Weight – 420g

Size – 235 x 85 x 81(mm)


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-Relieve skin irritation

-Needle length adjustable

-Speed can be adjusted step by step

How to use

1.  Apply ampoule/serum to the face and rolling and needling the entire face with Auto DN.

2. After adjusting the needle length, rolling and needle once more on the area that requires intensive care.

3. After MTS treatment, apply the ampoule and serum to the skin once more.


* Be sure to replace the needle after using it once.

* As this product is medical device, you should use it after reading through cautions in use and understanding how to use it.


MTS Device + 12PIN, MTS Device + 5*5 Nano, MTS Device + 8*8 Nano


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