Dong Bang Derma-Q MTS Roller


Derma-Q Microneedling Therapy System, Only for dermatologists before Now, you can use it for your home care!

Drug-Skin stimulator for medicine absorption

Material of needle : Stainless steel

Thickness of needle : 0.25mm

Length of needle : 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 1.0mm / 1.5mm / 2.0mm
*Please consult with a hospital when you need to use the product with the needle length of 0.5mm or longer.

Length of Roller : 24mm

1.  The needle tip of needles for Derma-Q MTS is shaped in a pine leaf which is fine and sharp to alleviate pain.

2. Derma-Q is designed with a grip for the easy use of MTS in an ergonomic structure where needles are securely connected to the main assembly.

3. It is a sterilized product with E.O. gas (ethylene oxide 20% : CO2 80%) in accordance with ISO 11135.

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Cautions after using Derma-Q
1. Avoid using the product and consult with a doctor in case of any abnormality such as skin rash, inflammation, allergy, etc.
2. The reddish area on the face will disappear in 1~2 days for 0.5mm and 2~3 days for 1.5mm. However, it may differ depending on individuals.
3. Apply moisture cream and add recovery cream frequently whenever you feel the MTS applied area is felt tightened, but do not use your hands to take off dead skin cells, if any. In addition, avoid any strong ultraviolet ray and frequently apply sun cream.
4. Avoid sauna and/or fierce exercise after use.

Cautions for use
1. Check out this medical device to see if the package is damaged or not.
2. Read through user’s manual to get familiar with its usage.
3. Apply to product to the healthy skin. Do not use the product if you have skin diseases such as any dermatitis, active acne, etc. or any allergy to metals. Consult with your doctor if you are suspicious of your skin health conditions.
4. Keep the areas to be applied and your hands clean.
5. Use the product after consulting with doctor about any substance to be absorbed. Discuss safety with your doctor because a relative more amount may be delivered to the skin if any substance to be absorbed is used together with Derma-Q roller.
6. Ensure that you scrap this product after use, because this is a disposable medical device for single use.
7. Keep the product in room temperature with good ventilation.
8. Keep the product where no child can reach.

1. Wash your face at about 12 hours from your rolling. Do not have any fierce exercise, sauna, steam bath and/or drinking wine within 24 hours to prevent the skin from dehydration.
2. Apply skin recovery cream or ampule immediately after your rolling to calm the skin. Avoid using any alcohol skin lotion or toner for a few days while applying moisture agent and recovery products sufficiently.
3. Dead skin cells may occur on the skin after your rolling, where you should not use your hands to remove them. Dead skin cells may arise due to the face cycle of cornification after use. The skin becomes dry temporarily while the skin is being regenerated and dead skin cell layer from cornification is being broken away.
4. Apply sun cream if you have to go out on the day of rolling.
5. Do not apply your rolling to any relatively thin skin or keloid skin.

*As this product is a medical device, you should use it after reading through cautions in use and understanding how to use it.


0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm


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