BANDGOLD Superfix Dressing Retention Sheet


Fixation of bandages, gauze, infusion tube, catheter, etc.

Use of non-irritating adhesive

Easy fixing and dressing of joints

Size : 2.5cm x 10m x 2pcs / 10cm x 10m x 1pcs / 15cm x 10m x 1pcs

It has excellent ventilation and can be used even for sensitive skin by helping the skin to ventilate.

Absorbs quickly with a soft cloth.

It can be cut and used as needed.

Made of hypoallergenic material, it gives a soft feel.

It is made of perforated tissue, so it is breathable and safe to use on the surgical site.

It has excellent adhesion and adheres to curved body parts.


How to use
Apply after drying so that no soap, chemicals, or oil components remain on the skin.
Apply the tape lightly, flat from the center to the outside.
After sticking, press or rub the surface of the tape firmly to increase adhesion.
Store at room temperature 1~30℃, and avoid direct sunlight and overheating.


10cm x 10m, 15cm x 10m, 2.5cm x 10m


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