The original BB CROSS TAPE from Korea [A type]


BB Tape is a Kinesiology tape made of 100% cotton. It is for all day therapeutic effects where you work, exercise or play sports activities.

· Elasticity 170~180%

· Water resistant

· Elastic cotton substrate

· Strong and reliable stickiness

· Allow skin to breathe

· Size : 21mm x 27mm 9pcs / 20sheet per box

Cross taping which adjusts the balance of a human body, muscles and acupoint.

Hypoallergenic medical adhesive. Without medication and side effect.

Anyone can use safety and easily. The BB-CROSS TAPE is currently being widely used in western & oriental clinics and sports medicine.

It is a tape made by crossing 3-4 lines of non-elastic fabric tape and has a specific direction. Physicians use the measuring instruments to analyze what part of the body to tape, and then they choose to work on whole – Cross tape -body balance, or on selected parts. You can use this tape without using the measuring instruments for coughing, asthma, and gastroenteric disorders. It can also be used complementary to relieve many kinds of pain.

You can use the cross-tapes for adjusting muscles and acupoints.


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