Non-Adherent Absorbent Pad

Hypoallergenic Self Adhesive

Sterile E/O

A new concept band that integrates the functions of bandages and bandages

It is convenient to use for abrasions and large wounds.

Gently and completely adheres to curved body parts.

· 5cm x 7cm (Pad 2.5 x 4) 100pcs
· 6cm x 9cm (Pad 3 x 5) 100pcs
· 9cm x 9cm (Pad 5 x 5) 50pcs
· 9cm x 12cm (Pad 5 x 6.5) 50pcs
· 9cm x 15cm (Pad 5 x 9.5) 50pcs
· 9cm x 20cm (Pad 5 x 14.5) 50pcs
· 9cm x 25cm (Pad 5 x 19.5) 50pcs
· 9cm x 30cm (Pad 5 x 24.5) 50pcs
· 9cm x 35cm (Pad 5 x 29.5) 50pcs


How to use

1. Clean the wounded area.
2. Remove the release paper on the back and gently attach to the wounded area.
– Change 1 sheet to the affected area once or several times a day.
– Do not stick to the same area for a long time.



· Use this product according to your doctor’s prescription as skin problems may occur depending on your constitution.
· Discontinue use if skin hypersensitivity symptoms such as rash, redness, or itching appear after use.
· Follow your doctor’s prescription for use in infants/infants with sensitive skin.
· Do not use on the affected area or the same area for a long time.


5cm x 7cm, 6cm x 9cm, 9cm x 12cm, 9cm x 15cm, 9cm x 20cm, 9cm x 25cm, 9cm x 30cm, 9cm x 35cm, 9cm x 9cm


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