Towatek TEMTEX Kinesiology Tape


· Rapid effect

· Pain Relief

· Joint correction

· Prevention of muscle damage

· Relieve muscle fatigue

· Restore muscle function

– 2.5cm : mainly used for fingers or children
– 3.75cm : It is used for women and children with small muscle size, and is used for narrow muscles.
– 5cm : The most commonly used size, cut in half for narrow areas, and two side by side for wide areas.
– 7.5cm : It is used for areas with wide muscles and developed muscles such as athletes.

Acrylic-based medical adhesives are used to keep the adhesive from falling off the body.
(It maintains adhesion for a certain period of time even for dynamic exercise, swimming, shower, and sweat.)

Taping effects of Temtex

1. Correct muscle funtion, prevent secondary damage
The elasticity of the tape stimulates the skin and muscles, and the tense muscles return to their original state. If you leave the painful muscles alone, the other muscles around you will act instead, so this burden will cause secondary damage It can occur or lead to greater pain. Therefore , attaching tape has the effect of preventing secondary damage in addition to correcting muscle function.

2. It helps the circulation of blood, lymph, and tissue fluids
As the tape lifts up the skin, the tissue fluid and internal fluid accumulated in the local area are quickly discharged It relieves pain by facilitating the flow of blood or lymph fluid.

3. It relieves the pain
By attaching tape to the painful area, it has the effect of relieving pain neurologically .

4. It controls the dislocation of the joints
There are times when the muscles in the joints get strained and the joints get dislocated, but by attaching tape, It is possible to prevent joint dislocation as muscle movement returns to its orginal state.

5. It reduces the risk of injury by reducing muscle fatigue
Dispersing and reducing muscle fatigue during continuous exercise and labor by taping It can reduce the risk of injury by doing so.

6. 100% cotton fabric and specially designed without drug treatment
Temtex tape is made of 100 % cotton fabric , which strongly supports muscles , joints , and tendons. The tape moves along with the movement of the muscles , so that it doesn’t cause discomfort during activities or normal times It’s designed and uses acrylic-based medical adhesives to prevent special drug treatment on tape fabric It is harmless to the human body and has few side effects.


2.5cm x 12rolls, 3.75cm x 8rolls, 5cm x 6rolls, 7.5cm x 4rolls


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