BANDGOLD Super Clean 40 x 80 50pcs


Efficacy effect: band for acupressure and hemostasis after injection

Features: Elastic band-type hemostatic band, used for emergency treatment requiring hemostasis

Size : 4cm x 8cm (Pad 1.6cm x 2.8cm)

50pcs per box

Storage method: Store at room temperature (1~30℃)

E/O GAS sterilized products

This band is used for the purpose of hemostasis after the patient’s vein needle is removed because it is a polyurethane film with good elasticity.

It is effective in protecting skin wounds and preventing infection after injection.

Incorporating gauze and band-aid, dressing is quick and easy.

Air-permeable support and adhesive were used.

A special pad is attached to absorb secretions well and does not stick to the wound.

Due to its excellent adhesiveness and elasticity, it adheres well to joints and hairy areas, and there is no pain when removing it.

How to use
1. Align the acupressure pad to the part to be stopped.
2. After fixing one band, pull it to the other side.

* caution
1. Pull the elastic band as much as possible and attach it to help stop bleeding.
2. The band must be removed 30 minutes after attachment.


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