BANDGOLD Adhesive Plaster


Size : 1cm x 3.3m x 50rolls
2.5cm x 3.3m x 20rolls
7.5cm x 3.3m x 1roll

It facilitates the fixation of bandages, gauze, fluid tubes, and catheters.

Depending on the size of the affected area, it can be cut and used freely and easily.

Manufactured from cotton fabric, it can be easily cut and used by hand.

· Use it by cutting it to an appropriate length according to the size of the affected area.
· Use it for joining the affected area, bandaging, or fixing gauze.
· It is made of cotton fabric and can be cut by hand.
· If you experience itching, rash, or redness on the affected area, consult a specialist.


1cm x 3.3m, 2.5cm x 3.3m, 7.5cm x 3.3m


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