Hanebio Plus Sports Tape Kinesiology Muscle Care


· Excellent adhesion durability

· Special fabric with excellent breathability and elasticity similar to skin

· Helps protect muscles, prevent musculoskeletal injuries, and relieve pain

· Pregnant women, the elderly and children can use it



– 2.5cm x 5m / 12rolls per box
– 3.75cm x 5m / 8rolls per box
– 5cm x 5m / 6rolls per box
– 7.5cm x 5m / 4rolls per box

How to use
Depending on the symptoms and the size of the affected area, cut and paste appropriately.


Precautions for use
– Clean the skin of the area to be attached and attach.
– Find the exact start and end of the sore muscle and attach it according to the size and shape of the muscle.
– If you peel off the outer paper attached to the tape in advance, the tape may stick to each other, so remove the outer paper while sticking it to your skin.
– Attach the muscles in a state where they are stretched as much as possible, but attach the tape in a state that is never stretched. (If the tape is wrinkled after pasting, it is attached correctly.)
– In case of intense exercise, attaching tape before exercise can prevent muscle damage, and in case of frequent contact exercise, it is more effective when combined with sports taping.
– For those with sensitive skin, use it for a day or so, and stop using it when the skin turns red.
– Use after hair removal on the attachment site, do not use on wounded areas.


*Removal Tips
Gently press the skin with one hand and roll the tape off with the other hand.


2.5cm x 12rolls, 3.75cm x 8rolls, 5cm x 6rolls, 7.5cm x 4rolls


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