Towatek Daily 365 Breath Tape


Covering tape that helps you breathe with your nose before you go to sleep

Excellent breathability with wave design

Size : 2.5cm x 8cm / 42pcs per box / 10boxes

Development of soft adhesives with Unrivaled Technology

It’s the best technology made by Towatek Korea Co., Ltd

TEMTEX’s outstanding fabric, tension, It’s softer through the adhesion

It’s made of a fabric with a thickness that’s suitable for your skin.

· Snoring prevention
· Breathe in the mouth prevention
· Opening one’s mouth prevention
· Dryness of the throat Prevention

Breathable and stretchy 100% cotton fabric special design Processing Technology know-how

It’s the thickness that’s most similar to your skin-effective tension without foreign substances 150% to 160% tension technology.

An adhesive
A harmless adhesive with unrivaled technology development, Use effectively on the skin without strain.

Excellent breathability with wave design
Coating the adhesive with waves, you can breathe through the fabric!
It’s hard to breathe when you put it on your mouth because it blocks the fabric with an adhesive rather than the thickness of the fabric.
The Daily 365 Breath Tape is “Wave Adhesive” to increase breathability.


How to use
· Rip the paper on the back 3 to 4 centimeters from the center to both sides.
· Gather the lips, attach them to the middle, and attach them to both sides.
· Remove by rolling as gently as possible when removing.

Storage Precautions
· Store out of reach of children.
· Store in a coll place to avoid direct sunlight.
· Store airtight container at room temperature (1~30℃)


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