3M Soft Cloth Tape with Liner (2762/2764)


White nonwoven bandage with adhesive applied evenly on one side

Efficacy : fixation of bandages, gauze, catheters, etc.

Usage : Apply appropriately according to the size of the affected area.

Size : 2762 – 5cm x 10cm / 2764 – 10cm x 10cm

Storage method : Stored in an airtight container protected from light, at room temperature (1~30℃)

Period of use : 36 months from the date of manufacture

· Can be cut and used as needed Made of hypoallergenic material to give a soft feeling when in contact with the skin
· Excellent breathability due to perforated tissue
· Suitable for use on the surgical site It has excellent adhesion and is made of soft fabric, so it adheres well to curved body parts.

· Dressing after general surgery
· Dressing of curved body parts
· Dressings for fixing devices such as catheters and drainage tubes
· Dressing for areas that are prone to movement or swelling after surgery

How to use
1. Dry the skin so that no moisture and foreign substances remain on the skin.
2. Cut it into a size suitable for usage.
3. Apply the tape lightly from the center outwards flat.
4. Rub the surface of the tape to increase adhesion.

Precautions for use
1. If a skin hypersensitivity reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.
2. Be careful not to touch your mouth
3. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool room temperature with little moisture.


2762 5x10cm, 2764 10x10cm


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