SIGNAL-S Digital MTS Needle 15PCS/BOX


Signal-S Digital Needle is a non-sterile needle used for the purpose of treatment by inserting a thin needle into the skin or tissue.

It is used after sterilization before use.

Available model : EXO Machine, Cell Line Pro, P&B Machine, Grand Cell Line Machine

* In the case of an old model, it must be used after replacing the sleeve to meet the standard. (In case of an old model sleeve, it can be installed, but the needle part protrudes.) Please replace it with a new sleeve.

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How to use
1. Check the appearance and packing before use.
2. Do not use if the product packaging is damaged or if the appearance is abnormal.
3. Sterilize the product with ethylene oxide gas.
Insert into the cartridge mechanism.
Make sure the device is secured to the cartridge and puncture the skin or tissue.
4. Store the product at room temperature.
5. Wash immediately after use and rinse with distilled water.
6. After drying, put in a safe container and sterilized.

– Please read this manual thoroughly before use.
– Check the packaging for abnormalities before using.
Check if the main body is cracked or abnormally damaged. If there is any problem, discard the product.
– It must be used only for the designated purpose, and not forcibly used for other purposes.
– After opening, do not touch or place exposed parts to prevent contamination.
– Do not throw or drop with weakness.
– Be sure to use after sterilization as it is a user sterilized product.
– When sterilizing, ethylene oxide gas must be sterilized.
– Store in a dry, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

Needle Type

12R, 24R, 36R, 42R, 9R


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