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ALS-Permanent makeup Needle – AG Series 30PCS/BOX


ALS needle is a precision styled needle, which is a medical appliance that maintains a certain pattern through individual quality inspections such as tensile strength, appearance, dimensional test and etc.

This product, which was produced in the clean-room work space, was designed to ensure the safety of the disposable needle through the sterilization-validation test [3 years from the date of manufacture], the packaging suitability test and etc.

The body of Needle, which is important for professional performance, is flexible and smooth and the tip of needle is sharp and suitable for performance.

ALS needles are available in a variety of configurations depending on their shape, size and number, allowing them to be selected according to the characteristics and disposition of the performer.

AG is abbreviation and means of analog needle from ALS HealthCare items. Digit is the quantity of needle and alphabet ‘R’ and ‘F’ are abbreviation of ROUND and FLAT.


How to use

1. Checking package and contamination of item.
2. Checking expiration (3 years from manufacturing date)
3. Performer should use item after fully understanding how to use it.
4. Disinfect on performed or treated area with alcohol.

Use and Operation
1. Select needle which is matching characteristics of performing area.
Select ROUND(R) for drawing line and FLAT(F) for filling area.
2. Be apart the approved machine and needle sleeve.
3. Connect needle to transmission shaft.
4. Reassemble needle sleeve of machine, being careful not to bend or damage the needle.
(Machine : Permanent makeup machine)
5. After machine operation, adjust the rotation speed appropriately.

How to Storage and manage after using
1. Stop the machine and pull the needle out from machine after performance.
2. This is disposable needle and prohibit re-use.

1. Do not place on the floor after opening for prevent infection of exposed area.
2. Do not use item which is opened, damaged, defromend or contaminated.
3. Do not use item which ha expired.
4. Do not re-use.(Disposable)

Needle Type

1R, 3F, 3R, 5F, 5R


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