Tick Tok MTS Micro-needling unit


TICK TOK is an advanced homecare system by sterilized micropin, which stimulates scalp as well as skin tissue for skin exfoliation and solution permeation.

Purpose : This device helps cosmetics to be absorbed with massaging skin

RPM : 5,000

Battery : AAA Alkaline 1.5V 2ea

Usage time : 3 hours (Continuous use)

Alarm for changing batteries : Power LED lamp flashes

Size : Handpiece W 47.98mm * L 130mm * H 45.3mm Micropin D 16.68mm * H 25.8mm

Weight : Handpiece – 38g (Battery included) Micropin – 2g

Number of Micropin : 20pins

Components : Handpiece / Micropin 3EA / Guide 2EA (white 0.25mm, black 0.5mm) / AAA Alkaline Battery 2EA

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Precautious and Storage
· After well informed, use this device.
· Check the battery size. (1.5V AAA X 2EA)
· Assigned Micropin, ONLY.
· Use it once or twice every week depending on aging and skin condition.
· Healthy, and no trouble skin use, ONLY.
– Do not use on dermatitis, acne, allergic trouble skin etc.
– If you are in doubt on your skin status, show the doctor before use.
· Clean hands and skin area before use.
· Use assigned solution to absorb, outside of that, consult with doctors or pharmacist before use.
· While using, if seeing skin rash, inflammation, allergy etc., stop to use promptly, and then take treatment from doctors or pharmacist.
· Micropin is disposal, Do not re-use.
· Do not discompose or remodel.
· Strong pressure while using can make speed down or stop.
· Do not use around eyes.
· Do not use by teenager or children.
· Do not push the button with strong power.
· Do not use with wet hands, and don’t put the device on wet area.
· Do not expose the skin to the excessive level of UV light after rolling, and must apply sunscreen.
· Avoid sauna and other similar place after rolling.

· Keep the product after take out Micropin & Guide
· Do not wipe with chemical substance, detergents.
· Keep in area well ventilated.
· Do not use on status of high temperature, humid and direct sun light.
· Keep this product where children & pets cannot reach.


How to use
Press the power button for a couple of seconds to switch it on.
1. Clean your skin before massage.
– Put the toner on the cotton pad and smooth the skin texture, after cleansing.
2. Apply solution.
– Ampoule used in 1 inning 2~3ml.
3. Fit the skin micropin massager on the main body and, then, the guide. Start massaging the skin.
– See image ‘How to fit and remove components’, before fitting and removing the guide and micropin.
– The massage strength can be adjust by Guide (White Guide : Normal / Black Guide : Strongly)
4. Apply generous amount of regenerative cream or maskpack for skin hydration and regeneration.

How to massage with micropin
· Use within 3~5 minutes.
· Rolling from center to outside in the skin.
· Roll in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions at least three times.
· Use once every 3~7 days depending on the condition of the skin.
· Use in the evening time and apply sunscreen when going out the next day.


Additional needle 10pcs, Unit


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