Secret Line PDO Thread Lift Retense 3D Tubed Mesh Scaffold L-Type 4pcs


Retense is a new thread with three-dimensional network structure.

Retense consists of 16 Mesh Tubular threads, which have a unique structure with weaving type and generate stable positioning and forming high-density autogenous tissue generation.

This type of thread is very effective to improve deep and thick wrinkles and improve skin regeneration and elasticity.

Retense induces strong effects when applied on the forehead, glabella, neckling, upper lips and nasolabial folds.

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How It Works
1. In the case of conventional liquid collagen boosting fillers, it usually takes more than six months to complete the tissue formation after the procedure.
2. Retense can immediately benefit from the support of the inserted structure in the skin after the procedure, and the new tissue formation is induced in the short-term internal structure so the effect is maintained for a long time.
3. Unlike liquid products with migration and spreadability, Retense is fixedly placed in the skin and can be applied safely to any part of the skin.

Thread Size

19G-38mm, 19G-60mm, 19G-90mm, 21G-38mm, 21G-60mm, 21G-90mm


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