TIME MACHINE Lift Thread Basic Screw Type [PDO/PCL/PLLA]



  • A spring-shaped product applied for various areas
  • Spring designed thread has larger contact surface with skin than mono
  • Promote collagen production through stimulation and effect for wound regeneration
20pcs/pouch, 5pouch/box
MOQ – PDO 300pcs / PCL 300pcs / PLLA 1000pcs
Not available for purchase in Mexico, Brasil, Iran, Mongolia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.
**The production takes about 30days.**
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Basic Thread


  • Product Collagens
  • Skin Regeneration
  • Wrinkle Improvement
  • Tightening & Brightening
  • Lifting & Elasticity
  • Shrink Pores

The Basic Thread is mainly used at the end if the procedure, and is widely used for skin lifting and topical firming for face and body anywhere desired.

It helps regenerate skin due to collagen production, improves epidermal wrinkles, maintains elasticity, and strengthens bright skin.

Thread Type


Thread Size

26G-90mm, 27G-60mm, 29G-38mm, 29G-50mm, 30G-25mm


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