TIME MACHINE Lift Thread Volume Multi Type [PDO/PCL]



  • Products specialized for sunken areas
  • Filling the space of the sunken area with 14 strands of threads
  • Skin regeneration through collagen formation
10pcs/pouch, 5pouch/box
MOQ – PDO 100pcs / PCL 100pcs
Not available for purchase in Mexico, Brasil, Iran, Mongolia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.
**The production takes about 30days.**
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Volume Thread

  • Reducing Wrinkles
  • Filling Volume Up
  • Producing Collagens
  • Skin Tightening

The effect if the similar as the filler treatment, but it is safe and the duration is much longer than filler.

It is a simple procedure that fills the volume of the subsided area to create a three-dimensional contour of the face.

Thread Type


Thread Size

23G-38mm, 23G-60mm

Needle Type



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