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Secret Line PDO Thread Lift Mono Type 20PCS/PACK


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20pcs per pack
Mono Type : Basic (Single piece of the thread) feature
PDO (Polydioxanone)
CE certification
Non-pyrogenic, Non-toxic, EO sterilization
Main purpose : overall lifting and firming


25G-38mm (Exp. 2025-01-07)

26G-38mm (Exp. 2024-05-11)

26G-50mm (Exp. 2025-02-22)

27G-38mm (Exp. 2025-01-21)

29G-25mm (Exp. 2024-12-03 / 2024-12-19)

30G-13mm (Exp. 2024-10-05)

30G-25mm (Exp. 2024-12-26)


25G-38mm, 25G-90mm, 26G-38mm, 26G-50mm, 27G-38mm, 29G-25mm, 30G-13mm, 30G-25mm


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