TIME MACHINE Lift Thread Lifting Chain [PDO]



  • Strong and powerful lifting, perfect anchoring effect
  • Applicable to all wanted areas with 310mm/ 410mm thread
  • Innovatory product with simple procedure for replacing incision surgery
Taper Point Needle
1pcs/pouch, 5pouch/box
MOQ – PDO 10pcs
Not available for purchase in Mexico, Brasil, Iran, Mongolia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.
**The production takes about 30days.**
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Lifting Thread

  • Full Lifting
  • Fox Eye
  • Lifting + Elasticity
  • Reducing Wrinkles
  • Skin Tightening & Skin Firming
  • Producing Collagen

Strong and long-lasting lifting effect with high stability

Cutting & Press Cog thread manufactured with best technology

Maximized effect with perfect anchoring power

Thread Type


Thread Size

20G-100mm(310mm), 20G-100mm(410mm), 21G-100mm(310mm), 21G-100mm(410mm)


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