LHA LALA PEEL (Basic / Ultra set)


lipohydroxy acid

Volume : 1 SET  (1 BASIC + 1 ULTRA)

Brush purchased separately

Feature :

-Skin cell regeneration

-Reduce acne and congestion

-Cleans and improves appearance of pores

-Improves acne scarring and marks

-Hyperpigmentation and sun damage reduced

-Improve skin texture and tone

-Increases absorption of subsequent treatments and products

-Plumps skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles

-Glass skin-like results


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How to use

1. Cleansing

2. Basic (Brush method) – Face Wash

3. Ultra (Brush or Cotton Swab method) – Face wash




Brush (Cleansing), Brush (Peeling), LHA LALA PEEL (Basic / Ultra set)


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