DERMAMAX F: SKIN Premium Special kit


“Four types of ampoules needed for skin”
Care your skin with various types of ingredients

Volume : 8ml per vial x 10 vials

Date of use : This product can be used optimally within 6 months of opening. / Storage conditions 10~30℃, avoid direct sunlight.

Distributor : Domax Medicare Co., Ltd.

Country of Manufacture : South Korea

Don’t hesitate to incorporate this special kit into your skincare routine. It comes with four types of ampoules that help soothe, moisturize, and improve skin elasticity. It also diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and revitalize the skin.

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This is a premium special ampoule kit that can help improve elasticity, softness, skin exterior and skin condition improvement, and absorbing active ingredients when used before or after MTS to help give for healthy and beautiful skin.

· Whitening GLUTATHIONE ampoule – Brightening, Moisturizing
It helps to activate skin circulation and purifies harmful energy in the skin to give vitality to the skin.
Niacinamide and glutathione, the whitening functional ingredients, help brighten and clear the skin.

· Asiaticoside CENTELLA ampoule – Centella asiatica, Skin soothing, Moisturize
Centella asiatica extract, which is the main ingredient based on multi-peptide, collagen, and plant stem cell ingredients, soothes and protects the skin stimulated from the outside through various procedures, and makes tired skin lively and elastic with its high moisturizing power.

· Nano DNA SALMON Ampoule – PDRN Skin barrier Elasticity
Multi-peptide, collagen, and plant stem cell ingredients provide nutrition and vitality to the skin, and salmon DNA and triple hyaluronic acid ingredients strengthen the skin barrier to increase elasticity and smooth skin texture.

· Peptide GOLD ampoule – Regeneration Elasticity
Gold ampoule contains 99.9% of pure gold, and multi-peptide and EGF ingredients provide moisture, shine, and nutrition to the skin and make the skin soft and moist without irritation.



Main Ingredient

· Plant stem cell ingredients
– Contains plant stem cell active ingredients extracted from natural plants and collagen ingredients

· Hyaluronic acid
– Effect to supply moisture to the skin and make it elastic and lively

· Multi-peptide
– Contains multi-peptides that help whitening, wrinkles, and skin elasticity and dual functional ingredients certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety


How to use
Apply evenly to skin and pat lightly.




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