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“From Dull to Dazzling – Transform Your Skin with the Hydrating Power of Our Skin boosters”

  • Function :Regeneration, Whitening
  • Volume : 5ml x 5 vials
  • Key ingredients:
    Exosome, PDRN, Glutathione, Vitamin Peptide complex(whitening)
  • If you order more than 100EA, you can get a discount.

Product Composition :

Product Name (Specification): D’LEXO PDX 2 SKIN BOOSTER WHITENING 5mI x 5vial

Efficacy and effect: Regeneration / Whitening/ Moisturizing/ Firming

Active Ingredients: Exosome, PDRN, Vitamin Peptide Complex, Glutathione,
Sodium Hyaluronate

Effectiveness :

Effectively takes care of damaged skin and strengthens the skin barrier
The complex action of PDRN and CICA-EXO provides excellent skin regeneration from the inside and strengthens the skin barrier and boosts skin health.

Quickly absorbs active ingredients deep into the skin
CICA-EXO, which has excellent ability to deliver active ingredients to other cells and is a double lipid membrane structure that is smaller than skin pores , delivers active ingredients stably by excellent skin penetration ability, helping regenerate and soothe the problematic skin.

Transforms into white, clean, clearer skin
D’LEXO contains Vitamin Peptide Complex, which effectively improves skin tone and removes freckles, by inhibiting melanin production.

Boosts skin moisturizing from the inside
It delivers moisture into the deep layers of skin and at the same time, boosts moisture retention which helps to hydrate skin and reduce wrinkles.


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