Hansol Bu Hang Cupping Set 30pcs


18pcs 1 cups/ 2pcs 2,3,4,3 cups / oval cup – small 1pcs , large 1pcs / massage cup – small 1pcs, large 1pcs / 1 pump / 10 acupressure rod / 1 connecting hose 
P.C material : strong against impact and heat, heat sterilization possible
* Massage cup is made of P.S material : weak against heat and shock, sterilized with lukewarm water (the product may be deformed if boiled)
Manufacturer : HANSOL inc.
Made in Korea

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How to use
1. Clean and dry the skin of body.
2. Choose the position most suitable
3. Apply the cup to body point
4. Place the cup on skin and pump appropriate amount and leave on.
5. Cup will remain for no more than 5 min and Place cups in same manner as above.

For External use only Do not use if You have sensitive skin.
You are pregnant or breast feeding
Plan to use this on any child under age 18.

When using this products
Do not apply to broken, wounded or damaged skin.
Stop wtien condition worse or does not improve after regular use.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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