Dong Bang Bu Hang Cupping Set 19pcs


Sanitary boilable cups.

PC material : Wipe off with alcohol or boil in hot water to sterilize.

Simple and easy to use at home by anyone.

1 cup: 13 pcs / 2 cup: 2 pcs / 3 cup: 2 pcs / 4 cup: 2 pcs / Pump: 1 pcs / Connecting Hose: 1 pc

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How to use
1. Locate the body points which needs to be treated, this position can be found by using the table provided for specific problems in the manual.
2. Place the cup on skin and pump appropriate amount and leave on.
3. Do this only 1-2 times a day at times suited to yourself. Before bed is the recommended time.
Using cups directly after exercise and meals is not recommended.
4. Keep cup in same position while cupping.
5. Cups can be used on specific painful body points also.
However, search surrounding areas for other painful points and place cups there also for better results. For pain on back areas and hard to reach areas get assistance from another person.


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