Hansol Electric Suction Pump


Small pistol type

Use the inhaler directly into the cup

One-touch method strong suction

Components: 1 body, 1 adapter

Adapter: DC 12V 1A / 220V only

‘- Use DC 12V 1A or more
– Since it is a piston-free compressor, there is some noise.
– If the motor is in a stopped state due to overload during operation, turn off the switch and start from the beginning.
– Continuous operation may cause strain on the machine
– Never inhale drugs or foreign substances through the inhaler part
– Do not apply excessive force to the entrance.
– Do not submerge the air compressor in water or liquid (do not wash with water).
– Clean with a dry cloth or soft brush
– Do not drop the device or subject it to impact
– Keep the product out of the reach of children.


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