Dong Bang DB Meditouch Needle 10pcs for DB FNS


Excellent needle tip polishing technology alleviates pain.
Pigment back-flow is prevented.
Precise needle entrance ensures accurate touch.
Pigment consumption is less.
Cartridge attaching or detaching is convenient in one step.
Strong motor power is delivered precisely to the needle tip through the shaft.
Optional use of various needles is possible, depending on the therapy area or user’s technique.
A sterilized cartridge for single use ensures better hygiene.

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How to Attach or Detach a Needle
*Please refer to the image

– Align a needle cartridge (B) to the device’s making line (A), and the turn it about 90º to fix the needle.
– Turn the needle to the opposite direction to detach the needle.

Needle Type

1R, 3R, 4F, 5R, 6F


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