Dae Il Ppappibang Acu-Magnet Patch


‘- Fragrance-free, odorless, and easy to wear with skin design

– Small coin size high elastic slim band

– The magnetic force of a 700/1200 Gaussian magnet relieves muscle pain.

– It is convenient because it does not come off easily after showering

– 700 : 30pcs per box / 1300 : 10pcs per box

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How to use
Peel off the band along the horizontal cut line.
Clean the painful area, and attach a band to the muscle pain point or to the side so that the magnets are positioned.

* Caution
Do not use if you have metal objects on your body, especially those with pacemakers.
Keep away from watches, magnetic cards, etc. that are affected by magnetism.
Do not lie on the electric blanket with the product attached to your back.
Do not use by pregnant women or infants.
Patients with acute diseases, malignant tumors, febrile patients over 38℃, and patients with abnormal blood pressure should consult a doctor before use.
If there is itching or pain at the attachment site, move away a little and attach a new one.
If you have sensitive skin, do not apply it to the same area over and over again.
Discontinue use if you have dermatitis.
Do not reuse products that have been used once.


1300(10pcs), 700(30pcs)


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