DANA Acupuncture Needles Spring Handle [20T] 1000pcs


Spring Handle
50 blister packs of 20 needles & 1 guide tube
Sterilized by Gamma Ray
Made in Korea
DANA Medical
FDA, CE2195, ISO-13485


Not available for purchase in Australia/Oceania.

Not available for purchase in Australia/Oceania.

1. Only for qualified medical practitioners.
2. Always check the expiration date and do not use the needle that has expired.
3. This product is a medical device, so do not use it for purposes other than use.
4. This is a disposable sterilized medical device and dispose of it properly after use.
5. Do not use anything bent or damaged.
6. Store out of reach of children, in a safe place from moisture, humidity, and excessive temperature. (If exposed to air, there is a risk of secondary infection.)
7. This product is not made exclusively for electric needles, so use it when connected to an electric needle may corrode or break the needle.
8. Do not use products that are deemed difficult to maintain the sterilization status of the product, such as damaged or discolored packaging, or if the product is not adhered to the sealing.
9. If it is difficult to remove the needle, massage the skin first to relax the skin.
10. If the needle is not pulled out, pull it up vertically slowly.
11. When opening the package, tear it off in a clean environment just before use and wipe the skin with alcohol before insertion and use it after drying.

0.20x30mm, 0.20x40mm, 0.25x30mm, 0.25x40mm, 0.30x30mm, 0.30x40mm




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