Fine inject Insulin Pen Needle 100pcs


A sterilization needle used to inject medicines into a human body or to aspirate fluids

Size : 31G x 8mm / 32G x 4mm / 32G x 5mm/ 32G x 6mm

Quantity: 100 pieces / box

Storage method: Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic

EO gas sterilization

Nearly pain free injection with comfort

Made in Korea – Sungshim Medical

Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Insulin pen needles come in various needle sizes to fit every diabetic’s needs and dosages
Please choose a size according to your body type.

· 31G x 8mm: Overweight Adult
· 32G x 5/6mm : Normal adult with normal body shape
· 32G x 4mm: skinny adults and adolescents, children

* 32G has a slightly thinner needle compared to 31G.

**CE certified

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This product to be used with insulin injector is a single use sterile insulin pen needle to be used for injecting insulin to patient with diabetes.


A. Preparations before use
① Users should fully understand the purpose of use, usage method, and precautions.
② Check whether the product is damaged or not, and do not use the product if the packaging is damaged or has an abnormality.
③ Be sure to check the expiration date of the product, and if the expiration date has passed, do not use it.
④ Since this product is sterilized, it must be opened immediately before use.

B. How to use
① Tear off the sterilization paper attached to the sterilization cap.
② Fasten the pen needle to the pen-type syringe and assemble it by turning it to the right.
③ Disinfect the injection site with an alcohol swab.
④ Remove the protective cap and needle cap and check whether the needle is clogged by gently pressing the pen-type syringe pusher.
⑤ Adjust the quantity (Unit) according to the doctor’s prescription.
⑥ Inject 90 degrees to the designated injection site.
⑦ After injection, put a protective cap on the needle and remove it from the pen-type syringe by turning it to the left.
⑧ Dispose of the removed product safely.

C. How to store and manage after use
This product is disposable and must be discarded after one use, and reuse is prohibited.


Avoid infection
1. Do not use the pen needle if the seal is damaged or has been opened by someone other than you.
2. Do not use the pen needle after the expiration date on the packaging has expired.
3. Before each injection, clean the injection site thoroughly according to your physician’s instruction.
4. Use each pen needle only once.
5. Do not re-use, clean and/or re-sterilize pen needles.
6. Carefully replace the outer protective cap on the used pen needle and dispose of it immediately after self-injection.
Follow your physician’s or pharmacist’s advice for proper disposal in your area.
7. If these instructions are not followed, there is a risk of infection.
8. Seek medical attention if you have any health concern. Never handle someone else’s pen needle.
9. To avoid accidental needle sticks, which can transmit serious infections, never recap, remove, or destroy a pen needle that has been used by someone else.


1. Consult your physician for the right needle length for you.
2. Prime your pen according to your pen’s instructions for use before each injection to ensure that the needle allows free flow of medication.
3. Inject slowly according to your physician’s advice and pen’s instructions for use.
4. Check after each injection whether medication drips from the pen needle, pen, or injection site.
5. If the medication drips, follow your physician’s instructions regarding the handling of potential under-dosage.
6. Seek medical attention if you have any health concern. Avoid bending or breaking the needle.
7. Do not change the direction of the pen and pen needle during insertion into or withdrawal from the skin.
8. Seek immediate medical attention if a broken needle becomes stuck in the body or disappears under the skin.


1. Change the injection site regularly in accordance with your physician’s advice. If this is not done, tissue hardening may result.
2. Inject medication at room temperature.
3. Make sure no air bubbles remain in the pen before injection.
4. Wait until topical alcohol (if used) has evaporated completely before injection.
5. Keep muscles in the injection area relaxed when injecting.
6. Penetrate the skin quickly.
7. Do not change the direction of the needle during insertion into or withdrawal from the skin.
8. Do not re-use pen needles.


31G x 8mm, 32G x 4mm, 32G x 5mm, 32G x 6mm


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