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THE HADA (Buy 4 get 1)


THE HADA Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid

Non Lido

Medical grade HA (Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid)
HA concentration : 24mg/mL
BDDE < 0.2ppm
Gel type : Mono-phasic
Volume : 50ml/1vial
Indication : Breasts, Buttocks

HA Core Technology
Preserved Natural Entanglement Technology

THE HADA produces easy to use and natural results through its core technology.

The condensed story of the science behind PNET™
The unique and patented stabilization technique ensures that the natural cross-linked and entangled HA network is kept in place by introducing a limited number of synthetic cross-links, I.E. minimal modification.


– Medical grade HA
– Minimal cross linker usage
– No side effects
– Minimal modification


– Absorbable material : HA
– Easy to remove
– Soft gel type
– Short downtime


– Reasonable price
– Various use of HA
– Long lasting effect
– Outstanding lifting capacity



Easy to use and produces natural results
Safe due to non-animal origin and low BDDE residue
Long-lasting effect by slow and uniform decomposition
Optimum results with low usage volume


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