Atiere Filler


* Atiere filler contains lidocaine for pain relief on injection.

* Fully stable, and safe, also has long-lasting effects.

* Material of Atiere is non-animal derived.

* 2 syringes / Box

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Aterie Classic

Atiere Classic is recommended to use for lip augmentation / wrinkles on neck & forehead.

It can be used for lip augmentation / correcting balances of mouth shape.

Also can be used for eyebrow wrinkles, neck wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

It’s very stable, safe also has long-lasting effects.

* Filling wrinkle lines

* Smoothing skin

* Lip moisturization


Atiere Intensive

Atiere intensive has middle size particles – recommended for deep furrows. In Korean clinics, they are also used for volumizing forehead.

Atiere intensive can bring satisfying effect on large and visible wrinkles.

Atiere intensive gets injected into wrinkles, smoothing & filling them.

Atiere intensive can also be used for volumizing lips / cheeks / jawline / shaping nose / chin.

* Filling deep wrinkles

* Enlarging lips & conturing

* Smoothing wrinkles

* Volumizing Forehead


Atiere Volume

Atiere volume is good for both wrinkle filling, and volumizing, wrinkles are smooth

Atiere volume can also be used for filling lips, volumizing cheeks, or nose.

* Beautiful lip contouring

* Moisturizing skin

* Recuding wrinkles around mouth area



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