Pal-MAX Nutritive Ampoule


  • Highly enriched antioxidant ingredient helps wrinkle improvement
  • Nutritionally regenerating ampoule
  • 5ml*5ea
  • Needle not included
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  • Patented ingredient, Puremed, keeps skin’s healthy and elasticity The Puremed prevents collagen damage and helps form collagen.
  • Improves wrinkles and elasticity Palmistry Pent peptide helps reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity to offer better skin performance.
  • Double care ampoule-brightening and wrinkle reduction Ginseng Root Extract, Adenosine and various mineral help maintain radiant skin and elasticity.
  • Patented ingredients, elasticated collagen create a smooth and vibrant skin by helping skin natural functions strengthening. It is a wrinkle-improving functional product that helps skin elasticity.
  • How to Use : Remove ampoule cap and install DN64 on ampoule, and then rolling on entire gently.


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