Pal-MAX Brightening Ampoule


  • Whitening effect
  • Improves dark and rough skin
  • Effective ingredients form a protective film
  • 5ml*5ea
  • Needle not included
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  •  Formulated with powerful brightening ingredient-Niacin amide Niacin amide(vitamin 3) improves dull complexion and offers radiant skin again.
  •  Provides sufficient moisture and offers smooth skin The trehalose ingredient prevents water loss from skin surface.
  • Improves skin elasticity with antioxidant ingredient. Formulated with peptides that helps improve skin elasticity and relive wrinkles.
  • As a multi-magic ampoule that keeps your skin eye-catching pure,vibrantly shinning, it is a whitening functional product that adds luster and moisturizing by containing patent and peptide ingredients.
  • How to Use : Remove ampoule cap and install DN64 on ampoule, and then rolling on entire gently.


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