Optima Digital Needle 15PCS/BOX


All-in-one premium digital needle that is convenient, reduces vibration and noise, and is durable.

It is made of screw type to close the gap between needle and machine to minimize vibration and noise of machine.

Available Machines – Cell Line Pro, Grand Cell Line, Picasso Machine, Change Face, DB Medi-touch etc.

15 needles in 1 box are sterilized by EO gas and packaged individually.

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How to use

1. Sterilize the product with ethylene oxide gas.
2. Insert the cartridge into the instrument.
3. Make sure the cartridge is securely attached to the instrument and puncture the skin or tissue.


1. Please read this manual thoroughly before use.
2. Before use, check if there is any problem with the package and if the main body is cracked or damaged, check for damage. If something goes wrong, discard the product.
3. Be sure to use only for the designated purpose and do not use it for other purpose.
4. The practitioner should use the equipment after fully understanding the handling operation.
5. After opening, do not touch or place exposed parts to prevent contamination.
6. Do not use this product on patients with factors that cannot be used properly.
7. Do not throw or drop because it is fragile.
8. Be sure to sterilize the product before use.
9. When sterilizing, ethylene oxide gas must be sterilized.

Needle Type

4F, 5R, 6F


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