Omron HEM 7141T1 Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor


Model name : HEM-7141T1

Product type : A brachial blood pressure monitor

Cuff type : Soft cuff

Memory : 14 times

Body size
– Body: 103 (W) mm × 82 (H) mm × 140 (L) mm
– Cuff: 146 mm × 466 mm (Air Tube: 610 mm)
* HEM-CR24 Type B: 22–32 cm arm circumference

Body weight
– Main body: Approximately 250 g (without battery)
– Cuff: Approximately 110 g

Full Components
– Main body
– Soft cuff
– User’s Manual
– Omron Connect Installation Guide

Power : AA size 4 batteries

The Omron HEM-7141T1 digital blood pressure monitor is clinically validated for accuracy and reliability.
It features a cuff-wrapping guide to assist you in correctly positioning and wrapping the cuff around your arm. The cuff wrapping guide ensures that you achieve the correct fit and positioning, optimizing the accuracy of your readings.
The innovative IntelliSense™ technology enables the device to automatically personalize cuff inflation according to the size of your arm. By tailoring the inflation to your specific arm size, it ensures that the pressure applied by the cuff is suitable for an accurate reading while maximizing your comfort during the measurement process.
Additionally, the HEM-7141T1 is equipped with body movement detection. This feature detects excessive movement during measurements and provides an alert if motion interference may have affected the accuracy of the reading.
The blood pressure monitor also includes a hypertension indicator, which serves as an added safety feature. If your blood pressure reading falls within the hypertensive range, the device will promptly alert you. This feature allows you to be aware of any potential high blood pressure readings, enabling you to take necessary precautions and seek appropriate medical advice if needed.
With the added Bluetooth connectivity, the HEM-7141T1 blood pressure monitor allows you to effortlessly sync your measurements with compatible devices. The Bluetooth functionality enhances convenience and enables seamless integration into your digital health ecosystem.
The Omron HEM-7141T1 blood pressure monitor is equipped with a memory function that allows you to store and review your previous blood pressure readings. With its 14-memory storage capacity, you can track your blood pressure measurements over time and monitor any changes or trends.


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