Dong Bang Adhesion pad for cupping


Hygienically, easily and cleanly use during cupping and depletion (wet cupping) treatment.

1 Box of 250pad : 1pack per 5 pad X 50pcs

– Long type : 35mm x 180mm for Size 1/2 cupping cup
– Short type : 35mm x 130mm for Size 3/4/5 cupping cup

Material : Disposable non-woven fabric, Sodium Polyacrylate

Sterilized by Gamma-Ray

Manufacturer : Dong Bang Medical co.,ltd.

Made in Korea

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Dongbang cupping pad is a disposable sterilized cupping pad for simple and hygienic treatment of blood generated during blood cupping procedures, accurate disinfection of treatment areas, and prevention of infection of patients and practitioners.
Dongbang cupping pad’s powerful super absorbent substance quickly absorbs blood generated during the procedure and changes into a gel state, and after it changes into a gel state, it does not discharge well even under pressure.
There are two sizes and choose the appropriate size according to the size of the cupping cup and the expected amount of blood.
How to use
1. Wear disposable sanitary gloves or surgical gloves before the procedure.
2. Unpack the packaging along the opening line and take out the pad.
3. Roll it with your hands and make it round.
4. Slide the pad into the cupping cup. (Do not use knives and scissors)
5. Use a blood purifier to bleed the treated area.
6. Properly dispose of cupping cups and pads after blood cupping using a cupping pump.
Precautions for use
1. If there is something wrong with the product, do not use it.
2. After opening the product, it may be contaminated or deteriorated by moisture or foreign substances, so seal it at room temperature and store it hygienically in a dry place.
3. Dispose of properly after use as there is a risk of secondary infection.
4. Do not use for any other purpose.
5. The product is disposable and re-use is prohibited.

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