NEW CELL LINE Digital Needle 15PCS/BOX


15 needles are individually packaged in a box

Prevent ink flow and reduce consumption

You can choose a type of needles depending on treatment area or technique.

This disposable product is sterilized.

This needle is for Cell-Line Digital machine.

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How to use
Align the tab of the opened product and connect.
Fix the product connected to the handle by turning it clockwise.

* Precautions *
– Read the manual thoroughly before use.
– Check the needle for damage before use. If something is wrong, discard the product.
– It must be used only for the designated purpose and not forcibly used for other purposes.
– After opening, do not touch or place exposed parts to prevent contamination.
-Weak in shock so don’t throw or drop.

Needle Type

1R, 3R, 5F, 7F


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