Hyundai Fire Ignition Device for Cupping Jar


One-touch operation using gas saves time and makes it convenient to use.

Gas is not included.

How to use
1. Gas Cylinder Assembly – Hold the igniter and gas cylinder and turn the gas cylinder to the right to connect.
2. With the label facing the front, open the gas valve slightly to the left.
3. Light the fireball with a lighter, and adjust the lever to reduce the flame to the size of a candle.
4. Press the pusher 3~4 times with both hands to release the air. Prevents sparks from growing suddenly.
5. Put the flame in the jar by pressing the pusher with the cupping jar.
* Pour water into the plate and attach the cup. You can see the water in the dish is sucked into the jar.
* Put a cupping device on the palm to check the sound pressure and learn the procedure.
6. Hold the igniter and operate. Experts hold the firearm and perform the operation, and beginners use it by fixing it on the operating table.

* If you ignite immediately after connecting a new gas, a strong flame may rise momentarily due to the pressure of the gas. Without igniting, press the pressure plate two or three times with your hand to release some gas before use.
* After ignition, adjust the valve to keep the igniter flame the size of a candle. An excessively strong flame is a fire hazard.
* Press the cupping jar vertically so that it touches the press plate evenly.
* Foreign substances such as oil, water or lotion may cause fire, burns, or malfunction. Wipe clean with a towel or rag before use.


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