Hanebio Porcelain Fire Cupping Jar


It is a manual cupping jar that uses negative pressure to improve blood circulation.

S – Outer Diameter 4.5cm / Inner Diameter 4.2cm / Height 6cm
It has a wrinkle at the entrance in a shape resembling a lucky bag, so it adheres well and has acupressure effect. It is convenient to hold by hand.

M – Wide side: outer diameter 6.7cm / inner diameter 6cm , narrow side: outer diameter 4cm / inner diameter 3.5cm, height 7.7cm
It can be used on both the wide side and the narrow side, and it is convenient to hold the narrow side as a handle.

L – Outer Diameter 6.7cm / Inner Diameter 6cm / Height 9cm
It is useful when using it in a large area and has a comb pattern on the surface to help prevent slipping.

5 Cups in box

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Preparation before use
1. Check the appearance of the product for cracks, deformation, or damage.
2. This product is non-sterile and should be disinfected before use, washed and cooled naturally before use.

How to operate
1. Prepare a cup, alcohol swab, tweezers, and lighter.
2. Disinfect the area to be treated with an alcohol swab.
3. Pick up an alcohol swab with tweezers, light it, put it in the cup for a while, and then take it out.
4. A cupping cup with negative pressure applied is attached to the treatment area.

Storage and management method
1. Store in a dry place at room temperature to avoid dust.
2. It is not disposable, so it can be reused after disinfection.
3. When reusing, familiarize yourself with the preparation and operation method before use.

1. It is not used for any other purpose.
2. Since this product does not have a device to control negative pressure, it is used by medical personnel who can perform cupping professionally.
3. Do not use with strong sound pressure for a long time.
4. After the first 1-2 minutes of use, increase the time and frequency of use.
5. Do not use on sensitive areas.
6. Do not use by drinkers, high blood pressure patients, pregnant women, the elderly, minors, or persons with physical disabilities
7. If there is an abnormality during use, consult a specialist immediately.
8. Be careful about burns when using.


L, M, S


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