Dae Kun Glass Cupping Set


Glass Cupping cup (PS material)

1 cup 10pcs/2 cup 2pcs/3 cup 1pcs/4cup 1pcs/5cup 1pcs/Pump 1pcs

Sterilize with hot water and alcohol

Simple and easy to use at home by anyone

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Cup size
– Cup No.1: Height 73mm / Outer diameter 55mm / Inner diameter 40mm / Weight 22g
– Cup No.2: Height 73mm / Outer diameter 50mm / Inner diameter 35mm / Weight 18g
– Cup No.3: Height 70mm / Outer diameter 45mm / Inner diameter 30mm / Weight 14g
– Cup No.4: Height 70mm / Outer diameter 38mm / Inner diameter 26mm / Weight 12g
– Cup No.5: Height 69mm / Outer diameter 29mm / Inner diameter 20mm / Weight 10g

*There may be errors in the size of cupping cups.


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