Haeng Lim Tae Keuk Press Pellet [Gold/Silver]


Gold / Silver plating

#1 – Band diameter 12mm, 1 protrusion, 100 pieces per pack
#6 – Band diameter 21mm, 6 protrusions, 30 pieces per pack

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How to use
– Since it is attached using a band-aid, clean the skin and apply it after wiping off moisture or cream.
– Attach the pressure stick and press lightly so that the band-aid does not come off.
– You can leave it on for 30-60 minutes or longer after sticking it, but if you have allergic skin, take it off after 5-10 minutes.
– Can be removed and reused.

– Wipe the skin clean and stick it.
– Do not apply to the wounded area.


Gold, Silver


1, 6


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