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EXOBLANC / Human derived stem cell EXOSOME (Buy 4 get 1)


Blanc HA :

sodium Hyaluronate

Blanc Powder :

Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media (100,000PPM)

Human Amniotic Fluid Cell Conditioned Media

Extract (886,000PPM)

Sodium Hyaluronate

Hydrolyzed Collagen


Volume :  4 sets/ Box (1 set = Exosome powder 5ml + HA 50mg)

Function :

Skin regeneration, elasticity, Collagen synthetic, Improving hair loss by increasing key cells in hair follicles.

**injectable product**



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Exoblanc is strengthening skin barrier by producing filaggrin, a natural moisturizing factor. Exoblanc is improving hair loss by increasing key cells in hair follicles, which are important for hair growth. Exoblanc is superior skin penetration compared to other Exosome. Easily combined with dermal cells and absorbed deeply into the skin. How to use 1. Before use, clean the skin and dry it completely. 2. After transferring the ‘Blanc HA’ to the ‘Blanc Powder’, shake it thoroughly until the  ‘Blanc Powder’ is dissolved. 3. Apply the mixed solution slowly. 4. After absorption, supplement with a moisturizer if necessary.


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