EMMAO Plus Cream (Lidocaine 9.6%) 450g


Ingredients (Among 1g)
⦁ Validity ingredient: 96mg of lidocaine (USP)
⦁ Additive (preservative): 1 mg of methyl paraoxybenzoate, 0.5 mg of propyl paraoxybenzoate
⦁ Other additive agents: glycerol monostearate, isopropyl mistrate, stearyl alcohol, purified water, carbomer940, polysorbate 60, propylene glycol

White to light yellow cream

Surface anesthesia of the skin during injection needle insertion or superficial surgical treatment.

Before the procedure, 0.24 to 0.65 g (23 to 62 mg as lidocaine) is applied (apply).
The capacity and application time vary from individual to individual and use the lowest effective amount.
It is not administered in excess of up to 2 g (184 mg as lidocaine) within 24 hours.

How to save
Airtight container. Storage at room temperature (1~30℃)

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Precautions for use
1. Do not administer it to the next patient.
1) In the case where the person or the other party is hypersensitive to this drug or other amide-based local anesthetic,
2) Patients with trauma (wound) or inflammation at the application site.
3) If you’re pregnant,

2. The next patient should be carefully administered
1) Patients with liver and kidney disease.
2) Since this drug contains propylene glycol, it is carefully administered to patients with sensitive or allergic history.

3. General attention
1) If the person or the other person shows rash or irritation, stop using it, and consult a doctor if symptoms persist.
2) Do not use this drug for more than three months without being supervised by a doctor.

4. Caution in application
1) It is used only for external use and not for eyes or nose.
2) It is preferable not to apply continuously to the same area.

5. Precautions for storage and handling
1) Store it out of reach of infants.
2) Do not store it in a hot or low temperature place above 40°C or in contact with daylight.
3 )Do not throw it away in the fire after use.


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