Dong Bang Miracu PDO Thread – Mono Type 100pcs


25pcs per pack / 4 packs / 100pcs

Mono Type

FDA Approved

Embedding therapy effective in improving skin elasticity and reducing fine lines

This product consists of a needle with the absorptive suture, and the needle is applied to the human body not for the administration of medicine but for therapies.

*All thread products are produced after ordering, so it takes some time to ship*

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‘- Improved thread elongation performance and patented manufacturing technology for needles
– Possibility of applying various product forms depending on treatment area and purpose
– Easy treatment with 3-way cutting needle manufacturing technology
– Safe material to human body approved and certified for suitability of medical use by KFDA (PDO)
– Use of ultra thin wall cannula to minimize pain

1. Do not use the product if its effective period is over.
2. Do not use the product if its individual package is open or damaged.
3. Do not use this product for any purpose other than the intended purposes because this product is intended to be a medical device.
4. This product should be used only by the professional medical personnel.
5. Do not use the product if there is any inflammation or concern of ther contaminations around the area for therapies.


1. Preparations before use
– Check out the model according to the dimensions.
– Check out if the effective period is over or the package is damaged.
– Read throught and understand the instructions to use the product.

2. How to operate and use
– Determine the length of needle according to the therapy position.
– Disinfect the area for the therapy.
– Remove the sponge which fixes tne needle and suture.
– Push the needle to insert the end of suture completely into the skin layer on the area for therapy.
– Remove the needle and attach aa band to the needle mark on the skin.

3. How to store and care after use
– Discard the product once it is open, although it is not used.
– Do not reuse this product because it is a product for a single use.

*All thread products are produced after ordering, so it takes some time to ship*

Thread Size

25G-120mm, 25G-90mm, 27G-30mm, 27G-40mm, 27G-50mm, 27G-60mm, 27G-90mm, 29G-30mm, 29G-40mm, 29G-50mm, 29G-60mm, 31G-25mm, 31G-30mm, 31G-40mm


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