Secret of elastic & smooth skin

Manufacturer : Bomtech Electronics Co., Ltd. / Korea

Composition : Body + Adapter + Manual


Intensive face & body care

  • Customized skin care by using 4 different modes according to skin condition
  • Hot mode / Cool mode / Vibration mode / Microcurrent mode

24K gold-plated head

  • Minimize skin trouble, rash, allergy by using 24K gold-plated head

Microcurrent mode improving the cooling effect

  • Quick temperature change with instant COOL function
  • Delicate temperature adjustment by 1℃ from 5 to 10 degrees
  • Cool Massage : Help to tighten pores, improve skin elasticity, relax edema
  • Microcurrent mode : Help to improve absorbance of the ampoule and solution.

Dual functions of Thermal Mode and Massage Mode at once!

  • Quick temperature change with instant HOT function
  • Delicate temperature adjustment by 1℃ from 35 to 40 degrees
  • Hot Massage : Help to expand pore, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle ache
  • Vibration Mode : Help to maximize the thermal effect with gentle skin touch

Overheat protection function

  • Temperature control fan detects rapid temperature change and adjusts it for safe use.

For anywhere in need of care

  • Intensive care for all areas including face, neck, shoulder, belly and legs through HOT & COOL & Vibration & Microcurrent mode




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