Jeil-tech Sterile Single-use Hypodermic Needle 100pcs


Used when injecting small amounts of botox, fillers, etc.

Size : 30G / 31G / 34G x 4mm

Quantity: 100pcs per box

Its thinnest 34G wall needle is capable of a smoother injection by its minimum extrusion load.

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How to use
1. After checking the packaging of the needle, open it if there is no problem, and check the needle for any abnormality.
2. After opening the packaging, take out the needle, and use it in combination with a syringe or other connector.
3. Put the needle protection cap on to prevent contamination of the needle until ready for injection.
4. When removing the needle protection lid, be careful not to damage the tip of the needle by the lid.
5. Refer to the opening and usage instructions on the side of the packaging box.


Precautions for use
1. This product is disposable and must be discarded after use, and re-sterilization is prohibited.
2. Do not use products whose individual packaging has been opened or damaged as sterility cannot be guaranteed.
3. If you are stung by a contaminated needle, you may be infected with various infectious diseases.
4. Do not use a needle that has been damaged or bent before use.
5. If foreign substances are found on the product before use, do not use it.
6. Open immediately before use to prevent secondary contamination.
7. It is forbidden to use it for purposes other than general injection purposes.


*Storage method
Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight.
In particular, avoid high-temperature and high-humidity places.


30G x 4mm, 31G x 4mm, 34G x 4mm


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