Airone Electric Suction Pump


Product no. : GP-903A
Brand : Airone


** Manual**

a) Starting button : Motor operates and starts suction.
b) Recharge LED: When it is recharged, red LED lights, and Green lights when completed.
c) Silicone : Connecting the devices (Removable from the main device)
d) Recharger part: Connecting the recharger cable.

** Specification **

1) Maximum suction power: 420mbar
2) Model number: GP-903A
3) Size: 122 x 133 x 48 mm
4) Battery capacity: 2600mAh (220V)
5) Weight: 200g

** Compatible with cups **

– Daegun, Daegun glass cups, Dong bang cups, Dong bang Disposable cups, Ace Disposable cups, Seongho cups.


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