Yongchang Disposable Punture Needle [Spinal/Epidural] 50pcs


Acupuncture used for the purpose of treatment by penetrating a thin needle into the skin or tissue

Disposable medical device

E.O gas sterilization Reuse prohibited

· Spinal Needles – Quincke type
Size : 22G x 90mm / 23G x 90mm

· Epidural Needles – Tuohy type
Size : 22G x 80mm

Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Yongchang spinal and epidural needle is safe and accurate.

Using SUS304 Stainless steel pipe.

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How to use

1. Open the product, taking care not to get foreign substances into the incubator.
2. Attach the wings to the needle tube.
3. After disinfecting the puncture site, insert the puncture needle and puncture.
3. Insert the catheter into the puncture chip hub or connect a tube such as an injection solution to inject the injection solution.
5. Discard the used puncture needle in accordance with the regulations so as not to reuse it.


Precautions for use

1. It must be used only by qualified medical staff, and the user should be fully informed of the intended use and precautions before use.
2. Check the package status, missing components, and period of use.
3. Check the appearance and packaging of the product, and do not use if the packaging is damaged or abnormal.
4. As this product is sterile, be sure to check the expiration date before use.
5. This product is a disposable medical device and should not be reused.


How to store and manage after use

1. Since it is a disposable product, do not reuse it after use.
2. Cover the used needle with a protective cover and dispose of it in the designated disposal space.


Epidural, Spinal


22G x 80mm, 22G x 90mm, 23G x 90mm


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